Gaulish Language

Audio version of this page read by Caromâros Caitogabros, Ambactos of Galatîs Litauiâs

The Gaulish Langauge is a key element to having a cultural understanding of the Gauls, as this helps us to navigate away from a western context of reality. The language opens us up to more in-depth navigation. As one does research you will come across Deuoi with names you have not heard of and this is when the language is useful as the meaning behind the name can help you to understand said Deuoi. You might want to read the inscription or Curse tablets to find out more about what was said. As what was said again can help us to understand the Senogalatis.

The revival of the is a big task that only a handful of folks are doing. Some take different approaches to this like looking at PIE languages and finding cominalities and of course, this can lead to many different outcomes. Some folks reconstruct words by looking at neighboring cultures of the Senogalatis. However, one’s approaches are to the reconstruction of the language, it is paramount, hard, and, tedious work. As a lot of us want to have the language for Ritual purposes and even the creating of myths and it takes the dedicated work of those who are doing that to make that happen.

Below is a simple list of terms and phrases you can opt to use to include a little more Gaulish in your daily life. We will be using lextis Nouiogalaticos (a modern Gaulish dialect adopted by Bessus Nouiogalation)

Remember, more will come as more work is done on the language we are using, so check back periodically!

Gaulish Polytheism, Gaulish Polytheist

Greetings / Farewells

(Subutâ! Which means Welcome!)
Or, for someone you know well, Rocenon! Which works as “It’s been so long!”

Bye/Suauelon! “Good wind!”.
(Like a good wind in your sails)

I’ll see you again
(Atepissiumi te!)

Good morning

Good day
(Diion dagon!)

Good evening!

Good night!
(Sunoxten / Sunox (short))

Gaulish Polytheism, Gaulish Polytheist

Blessings / Cheers

(“Thank you!”) [For plural, substitute “te” for “suis” or “suos”.]
(Bratun (/Braton) te!)

Dêuoi with you
(Dêuoi cantite)

Health to you!
(Slanon te!)

(Insert Dêuoi here) approach you________ nessâtu te

Eye of (Insert Dêuoi here) upon you/Dercon ________ uer te

And Sucellos strike hammer to post!” [Don’t let the door hit your behind on the way out!])
(Etic Sucellê boîtu ordon clitân!)

Gaulish Polytheism, Gaulish Polytheist

Other phrases

I love you / you all
(Lubiumi te / suos!)

I’m going to work / I’m free from work
(Iâiumi uercon / Immi rios exuercû)

Hold my beer
(Delge curmi imon)

Happy birthday!
(Gentian dagan!)

Good luck!

Good work!