Community Contributed Posts

Welcome to Community Contributed Posts, this page is for those that have no sites or outlets to share their research, artwork, prayers, poems, and countless others things.
I wanted to help illuminate folks in the greater Gaulish Community by sharing the individual’s work. As you all have great things to share but sadly no means to get them out into the world. Well now you do, just send a raven to or get in contact with me on Discord or Facebook and I will put your stuff up here for others to read and get inspired.


Article and artwork by – Carnonoseluiâs Abonowracî adsagsonâ: attainder, attainment, intercesion [Gaul. Adsagsona] Inscriptions Larzac, France (100 AD) “Just as they shall be for it, this of the women,O Adsagsona,so too…