Gaulish Polytheism, Gaulish Polytheist

Subuta (Welcome), The aim of this site is to share the very basics of that which is in the Gaulish Realm. We want to present everything within this site in an easily comprehensible way for those of you new to Gaulish Polytheism. The other aim of this site is to promote the different individuals within the Gaulish Community and share the work they do. As each person or Group should be recognized for their contributions.

Within this site, you will find the basics of Gaulish Thought those being that of the general term Gaulish Polytheism and the more focused Galatîbessus (Gaulish Customs), as well as some syncretic, focused practices those being Gallo-Roman, Gallo-Germanic, and a few others. You will also find Galatîs (a Gaulish person) working on many things within the Gaulish Community.

There is not one way to do that which is Gaulish. That is why we share all, leaving no one behind.

The Carnux sounds

We Galatis are here for the people and with the people.
We stand against tyranny and oppression.
The folkish, Neo Nazis, Islamophobic, Homophobic, Racist, and all the other shit views of the small-minded so-called humans we will not tolerate. We will go out of our way to address your actions.
Our Carnyx blows loud, and our Dêuoi are many.

Gaulish Polytheism, Gaulish Polytheist

Community Member Spotlight

Every now and then we highlight a member of the Greater Gaulish Community. This is for us to acknowledge the great work that is being done by the members.

Gaulish Polytheism

Our praise goes out to the Bardos Cunolugus Drugaisos. They spend countless hours devoting themselves heavily to the creation of myths and stories that resonate with us today, utilizing Gaulish concepts and the Gaulish tongue to connect deep meaning for us. Go check out their work and give them some praise.
Their latest story is Ducospiā Carnuton (The Revolt of the Carnutes)

Our praise goes out to Auena inspired Casnis, the Bardos of Drunemeton. They are working on some Oracle cards based on the Ueletorunoi system. They have truly captured each of the Runos in the most beautiful way. It is magical to see collaborative work within the Gaulish Community bringing the material culture to life. Please go and check out their site, as there are some amazing words and art all around. below the wood.