Galatîs Litauiâs

Galatîs Litauiâs Gaulish Polytheism

Galatîs Litauiâs (Galatis of the Earth) is a Gaulish Uarinâ (Commons) for the greater Gaulish community. We are affiliated with Gaulish and

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Our Motto
Datiesti uta dassân, Datiūmī uta dassais
“You give that I may give. I give that you may give.”

Inspired by the gathering of the Senodruides in the land of the Carnutes and The Council of All Gaul. We are an organization that wants to support all who follow the different Traditions, Customs, and individual paths within the Gaulish Community. This is a space to come together and engage in discussion to learn and to help aid people to and into the Gaulish Realm of thought. We promote the greater Gaulish community and, at the same time, help to illuminate the individual. We are newbie-friendly and seasoned-friendly. While Gaulish Polytheism and the different Syncretic thoughts are welcomed our main focus is that of Gaulish Customs (Galatibessus) this is central to us that being in the times of 600 BCE – 1 CE give or take.

The clergy branch of Galatîs Litauiâs, Drunemeton, will help provide the Rites and Spiritual Structure to Galatîs Litauiâs. Drunemeton will help aid those that are wanting more spiritual training in their practice. At the moment, Drunemeton provides the Uatia Guild with more to come in the near future.

Gaulish Polytheism

We also offer a Novice Galatis Quiz this is for a Novice.

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Two ways to join Galatîs Litauiâs
Our discord server
Or by sending a Raven to

In Galatîs Litauiâs there are two main roles they are Sepânioi and Conrassīs.

  • Sepânioi means follower/student. Sepânioi is someone that wants to join the membership of Galatîs Litauiâs and go much further into Gaulish Customs.
  • Conrassīs means ‘Having Promised Together. Conrassīs are those who become initiated into Galatîs Litauiâs.
  • All start as a Sepânioi, and after three months, one can ask to be a Conrassis. If one is in good standing, write a small letter telling us why you would like to be a Conrassis and go further in Gaulish customs. An initiation rite will be led by our Clergy member at your time of choosing. As a Conrassis, other roles will open up for you.
  • In our online presence, we have one more role and that is Caranð means friend. Caranð is someone that wants to see what’s going on and not join. They must be respectful and still live up to the virtues in our space.
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Mission Statement

The mission of Galatîs Litauiâs is to promote Gaulish values, knowledge, community, and service of education, activism, and networking with individuals and groups in the Gaulish Community. We are here to provide a service of fellowship and collaboration.

To accomplish this, we will:

  • Accept, through application procedures, individuals and groups into Galatîs Litauiâs.
  • Serve as a resource in the education of individuals and groups in the greater Gaulish Polytheist movement.
  • Advocate for the health, safety, and well-being of the individual through activities that give one a sense of purpose.
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The Senodruides left behind three sacred laws, which we call
Trirextoues/The Three Laws

Dugie Dêuûs – “Honor the Gods”
Gneie ne drucon – “Do no evil”
Delge āxtam – “Hold your behavior”

The Greeks and Romans recorded the habits and customs of our Senogalatis. We have compiled them into what we call
Nauan Nertoi /The Nine Virtues

Eriððā or Erissā – Piety
Carantiā – Friendship
Oigetocariā – Hospitality

Catarniā – Bravery
Galā – Courage
Lugiā – Resourcefulness

Sucariā – Politeness
Anlabariā – No Gossip
Couīriextiā – Relevant Speech

These virtues above are historically attested in Gaulish culture. You can read more about them HERE. Please study them.
The Trirextoues and the Nauan Nertoi must be followed within our Uarinâ. Failure to maintain these will result in a judgment for your actions or lack of actions.

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  1. We should be looked at as an Uarinâ (Commons). Members should feel a connection of, understanding and togetherness with one another. The leadership of Uarinâ should help to maintain a supportive atmosphere. All should help to participate in its function. This Uarinâ is created to bring people together, not to separate the individuals.
  2. The Arduoialon (High Council) will help to maintain the higher functions of the Uarinâ. This would be helping to create a safe energy and to provide services and to be of service to the Uarinâ. Such as creating content, engaging with the members, and doing mundane tasks for our websites and social spaces.
    1. The Arduoialon will consist of Nine Members
      • Druið
      • Brennos
      • Uatis
      • Bardos
      • Ambactos
      • Two Cingetes
      • Two Conrassis
    2. At times the Druið will bring the Arduoialon together for a trial when it involves matters that need closer attention.
    3. The Arduoialon are the spiritual guides of the Uarinâ.
  3. Our Uarinâ will follow ethics and virtues at all gathering places.
    1. Just like rules back in the day before great gatherings, all weapons are left at the table and shall not be allowed in the meeting places. To break that rule is a disrespect to the self, The Deuoi, the ancestors, and our Uarinâ. That being said, one should leave one’s inappropriate behavior at the door before going into any meeting place. Those who break that break our sacred energies by improper unvirtuous acts. That being screaming, calling out, threatening, rough housing, hazing, or any other forms of disrupting the gathering. One will be thrown out of the Uarinâ and banished immediately.
    2. The Druið of the Uarinâ settles Disputes. Suppose the Uarinâ does not have anyone qualified for a Druið; the responsibilities fall to the closest in the Clergy. Members of the Uarinâ that have issues should write a letter to the Druið or schedule a private meeting to discuss their concerns.
    3. One of the most frowned upon things is Gossip and Rumor- mongering. If members have an issue with other members, they should not speak out publicly about such things, but maintaining one’s words and actions, contact the Druið, a Druið will arbitrate the situation. Never call anyone out. It is always best to contact a Druið first to ask how to handle the situation. Gossip and Rumor-mongering can be grounds for temporary or permanent banishment, which could be put to the vote by the Uarinâ membership.
    4. Members should respect the roles in the Uarinâ; showing disrespect will bring banishment.
    5. One should not go out of their way to add to the drama that is happening within.
  4. Galatîs Litauiâs has three virtual meeting halls. These are the Galatîs Litauiâs Discord server, the Galatîs Litauiâs Facebook group called Gaulish Spirituality and Religion, and our Zoom.
    1. Just as Rexus 3.1 above, when gathering in our meeting places such as Discord, Facebook, and Zoom, one must maintain one’s self, If you are intoxicated and join one of our events and are creating a disturbance, one of the Arduoialon members will ask you to mute yourself or leave, and if you do not follow what is told of you, you will be removed and muted or even kicked.
    2. These virtual meeting halls will have events such as rituals and discussions. Event times and places will be shared beforehand.
    3. If a time is set for a Rite, it’s usually 20-30 minutes before the Rite starts. Please make sure that you are prepared and in a safe place to participate. If you can’t make the event, that’s ok. But do not join if you are not in a sacred space. Please join muted.
  5. Our Uarinâ should promote and educate in that which is Gaulish—teaching the many different ways of the Traditions and Customs within the greater Gaulish Community. Those being Galatibessus, Gallo-Roman, Gallo-Germanic, Gallo-Hellenic, Gallo-Brythonic, etc. No ONE Tradition comes first in Galatîs Litauiâs, But Gaulish comes first always.
    1. We must teach the ways of our ancestors in a contemporary way.
    2. One must be willing to debunk any misinformation pertaining to Gaul, that being Blood, Aliens, Atlantis, or anything of that nature.
    3. One must remember there are many truths and narratives, so always state your personal Gnosis, not as fact.
    4. Those that are seen spreading misinformation about Historical things or about the different traditions and falsy creating a public image towards other traditions will be tried for banishment.
  6. Not everyone has the exact needs or the same talents; Galatîs Litauiâs is not a higher-order with some special knowledge. It’s a place to gather and promote Gaulish thought.
  7. No bigoted behavior of any kind
    1. Racism, Sexism/Misogyny, Ableism, Classism, Transphobia, Homophobia, etc., will not be tolerated at all. You will be removed immediately if you are seen as a bigot in or outside of our space.
    2. Hate speech, Abuse, and Harassment are a great dishonor, and those that do it will be removed immediately.
    3. If one is found to belong to any dangerous organization, one will be removed immediately.
    4. If you are found to be shaking hands with problematic people, that being people that are Folkish, Fascist, or any bigots of any kind, you will be removed immediately.
    5. Galatîs Litauiâs does not care how popular you are and what great things you can bring if you are seen breaking any of these rules. You will be removed immediately.
    6. Galatîs Litauiâs aim is to provide a safe space for the Galatis, which means we will go out of our way to address the actions of the above, and at times that might mean you have to put yourself in a difficult situation because of Virtues.
  8. The age requirement is 18 and up.
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Patron Deuos

Carnonos is the cosmic mediator sitting in the in-between, helping to guide us when we are lost and shows us the ways. That is key to the philosophical idea behind Galatîs Litauiâs, which is liminality. We must remain in a state of liminality to understand the things around us to make better judgments when needed so that our emotions do not dictate our actions.
He helps maintain us as a Uarinâ.

Uediâ Carnonû (Invocation for Carnonos)

Gaulish Polytheism, Gaulish Polytheist
  • Uediomos/Uediumî Carnonon
    (We/I invoke Carnonos)
  • Uernos mantali
    (Warden of the roads)
  • Entar bitoues
    (Between worlds)
  • Agetios Ecuoues
    (He Who Guides the Herds)
  • antê trirîgion sesîi etic ages anatiâ
    (At the border of the realms you sit and guide souls.)
  • Rodâmos/Rodâmî addatus etic bratûn te
    (We/I give offering and thanks to you)
  • [Addatus] [Offering]
  • Arcîumî ratobo Galatîs
    (I ask for blessings to the Galatîs)
  • Slanon te
    (Cheer to you)
  • Bratûn te
    (Thanks to you)
  • Molâmî Carnonû
    (I praise you Carnonos)
  • Iâiumî in tancê
    (I go in peace)
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