Galatîs Litauiâs

Galatîs Litauiâs Gaulish Polytheism

Galatîs Litauiâs (Galatis of the Earth) is a Gaulish Uarinâ (Commons) for the greater Gaulish community. We are affiliated with Gaulish and

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Das duci damiDami duci das 
“You give that I may give. I give that you may give.”

Inspired by the gathering of the Senodruides in the land of the Carnutes and The Council of All Gaul. We are an organization that wants to support all who follow the different Traditions, Customs, and individual paths within the Gaulish Community. This is a space to come together and engage in discussion to learn and to help aid people to and into the Gaulish Realm of thought. We promote the greater Gaulish community and, at the same time, help to illuminate the individual. We are newbie-friendly and seasoned-friendly. While Gaulish Polytheism and the different Syncretic thoughts are welcomed our main focus is that of Gaulish Customs (Galatibessus) this is central to us that being in the times of 600 BCE – 1 CE give or take.

We also offer a Novice Galatis Learning Course this is for a Novice.
More advanced courses and focused interest courses to come.