Cingetoi Guild

Gaulish Polytheism

The Cingetoi of Galatîs Litauiâs is a guild for those that wish to become more active in the protection of our community which includes becoming a moderator for this server. This guild is for those who posses inner strength and who seek to further cultivate it. A Cingetos is someone who is always striving towards self-improvement and who is willing to put in the hard work to achieve their goals. To be a Cingetos, one must be like the Turcos (boar): courageous, bold, and proud; as well as the Lucos (wolf): vigilant, cunning, and collaborative.

This is not a self-help, mental health, or group therapy guild. While properly caring for one’s health is important and a requirement for joining this guild, we will not do the work for you. If you are struggling, you can rely on your fellow Cingetoi for support but unless you take the necessary steps to heal yourself, you will stagnate and may be removed from this guild.

Members of this guild are encouraged to engage in activism, whether that is the fight for equal rights, animal rights, or environmental causes. This guild also has a focus on physical fitness, mental well-being and emotional care. Cingetoi are also recommended to be well-versed in philosophy because the mind is ultimately one’s greatest weapon.

The primary patron for this guild is Camulos. His name is thought to mean “champion” and so with his spear and shield raised high, he leads the warriors in battle. Usually depicted with ram’s horns, he is a Dêuos who is slow to anger but will strike hard against those that threaten his people. Those who follow his path must be level-headed and unflinching in the face of adversity.

We must live by our code of honour, which is based on the Îanoi (virtues) and the Trirextuoes (Three Laws). While all of the îanoi are important, we focus on those associated with the third sacred law of the Druids, Biue eni mêdê (Live in honour). Our code is as follows:

Decos (honour) is the core of the Cingetoi. To live in honour is to live by the virtues. One is honourable when they can be honest with themselves about who they truly and are able to live as their authentic self. The main difference between being honourable and saying that you are is that a true honourable person will just be, without having to justify their integrity.

Uîroironiâ (justice) is when one stands up for their beliefs and will defend the rights of others even at their own risk. It is being fair and impartial when making decisions, no matter how small.

Galâ (courage) is one of the most important virtues of the Cingetoi. Courage is not a lack of fear but fighting on despite it. It is being brave enough to do the work to improve oneself even when the way is hard. It is standing up for your beliefs when the world seems to be against you.

Ûxelliâ (pride) is very important because it ties into one’s self-worth. Being proud of yourself and your accomplishments in a genuine way will allow to share that joy with others so that they can be proud of themselves as well. It is not arrogance or boastfulness as these are both false pride. To be proud is to be humble because you will not seek attention but rather be content in your own satisfaction that you achieved something. As with honour, your actions will show the world more of your character than your words.