Cerdû Guild

Gaulish Polytheism

The is for the Artisians in the community or those that wish to become one. How are we defining Cerdu is simple. They are the carpenters, jewelers, leatherworkers, metalworkers, painters, potters, sculptors, and weavers within Galatîs Litauiâs.

The Gauls were known for their detail and notable works, which we see in the jewelry, weaponry, and countless other items they crafted. We still find their work buried in the earth. If it were not for the Cerdu we would not know much about the Gauls. So within this Guild, we are focused on bringing back a Material Culture that our Ancestors of Gaul inspired into the modern world. This means our focus is on Gaul. That being said, when learning to carve something, it’s okay if it is not from Gaul and it is just a simple horse or bird that you want to learn how to make.

The Cerdu Guild is very much about helping and adding in the crafting of all kinds. If you need help with certain things like whether I should use this material or use this tool, even how do I start the process of crafting something, we are here to help.

This Guild will most likely inspire other guilds as time goes on, like a Smithing Guild or Painter/Artist Guild, and within those Guilds, you will most likely have Patreon Deuoi or Deuos. For now, this will be a general focus.

We will have how-to gatherings people in video chat demonstrating how to do certain things a couple of times a month.

This Guild also aides in Molatucerdos (praise artist), a branch off of the Bardoi, a part of Drunemeton. These folks are making art that tells a story through visuals or capturing the Deuoi in stone, wood, paint, etc. They use art styles of the past and bring them to life with their unique creative juices in the modern era. All the same, things apply to the Molatucerdos as the Bardoi but in the form of Visual Art. These folks are followers of Auenâ Srourâ.