Bessus Nouiogalation

Bessus Nouiogalation Gaulish

A Gaulish Tradition that is a functional hybrid of revival and reconstruction

From the darkness, a New Tribe emerges.
Within the mist, the Customs solidify and form.
Into the light, the Traditions shine forth for the Customs of the New Gauls.

Bessus Nouiogalation (Custom of the New Galatîs) is an adbessus (tradition) that centers around creating a new bessus (custom) from pieces of history, lore, worldview, religion found from all over what was once Gaul.
It is a Galatibessus tradition and as such is specifically centered on Gaulish worldviews, cultures, religions, etc.

As such it is neither a specific regional reconstruction. Nor is it “generalist”. It seeks to take these disparate pieces of historical Gaulish customs to create something new.

Open to all who are sincerely interested regardless of color, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, heritage, or ability status. No Fascists allowed. 

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