Uatiâ Guild

Gaulish Polytheism

The Uatiâ Guild is a Guild that can lead to the clergy arm of Galatîs Litauiâs, which is Drunemeton. This means that to start working your way at building and doing Uatibessus, you must first walk the path of seeing and reading. We have three doors for you to open, with the final door being inside Drunemeton. Before we get to that, let us talk a little about the Guild.

In Galatîs Litauiâs, the Uatis (Prophet, Seer, Diviner, Augeror, Soothsayer, Orator) is in charge of reading omens for the community and being a healer.
The Ueltos (one who sees) in Galatîs Litauiâs are tasked with understanding Divination, which we call Celiâ. Celiâ is made from the word Celon (presage, omen, foreboding, fate, destiny, lot, fortune). The Uatia guild is for those who want to research and understand what Seership is in a Gaulish context. That being said, we are not concerned with Tarot, Oracle, Futhork Runes, Ogam, or anything that doesn’t fit into a Gaulish worldview. Now, of course, there will be mention of other divination systems as we have conversations and study. Still, when it comes to doing Celiâ, we are focused on a Gaulish understanding. Also, syncretic folks, make sure what you are doing is consistent with your syncretic ways.

What would Gaulish Forms of Divination be that a Ueletos would be using?
We have three modern forms of sortilege from the greater community. These are letters from the Lugano alphabet.

Ueletorunoi Created By Branos
Rûnou̯elîtiâ Created By U̯ailogenos Cattâcos

One can also use coins, dice, bones, or any casting of lots. You can use Gaulish-inspired Tarot or oracle. You can even create your own.

This Guild is for aiding in research, gnosis, and understanding. The idea here is to help cultivate yourself for being a Seer/Healer for your tradition/community. We are here to teach and learn from one another.
We will have weekly talks and guided readings, and events.

We are followers of the Trirextoues. Anyone seen breaking these or using Celiâ to gain for oneself or abusing, we will remove you imminently.

The Doors

The first is the Apprentice Ueletos. The Apprentice Ueletos path involves a year-long journey of study and a deep understanding of one of the three forms of Gaulish sortilege, or you can create your own system (if you go this route, pass your idea or thought by the Uatis first). Having a blog or journal helps out a lot. As you can record your readings, it also helps us see the place you are at in your journey. A Uatis might also ask you to do Celiâ at one of our meetings or randomly in our chat. Once your year is up, you must give an in-depth reading and a write-up about what you have started to see and why you want to move forward and become a Ueletos. You will also need to read the books below (and give us a book report on them). If you don’t have the funds to purchase the books, reach out to us, and we will work something out.

Reading List for the Apprentice Ueletos.
Dwelling on the Threshold – Sarah Kate Istra Winter
The way of the Oracle – Diana L. Paxson

The second is the Ueletos. You have proven you know the basics and understand one of the three forms of Gaulish sortilege (or created your own). You can sit here and choose to either not go to the next door or deepen your devotion and take the four-year-long journey to enter the third door, which brings one to Drunemeton.
If you choose to keep going, then you need not just to know Celiâ, but you need to have Samolouissus (Plant Knowledge) for your area and know and work with the Senogalatis herbs in both the physical and spiritual you can find the list HERE. Start reading spontaneously (meaning that you can see Celiâ in anything ), One should read books on Natural philosophy, and one should begin creating incantations or working with a Bardoi in the creation of them. We will get into all the fine details once and if you decide to go on this journey.

The final door is that of the Uatis ( Prophet, Seer, Diviner, Augeror, Soothsayer, Orator). This role and path is of great devotion and part of Drunemeton and the highest level of the Uatia Guild.