The Transformation of Adsagsona

Myth Contributed and Written by : Carnonoseluiâs Abonuracî

In the deep and dark of Dubnos toiled a Goddess, Mistress of the Underworld and magic, Adsagsona. She had little will to engage with Her fellow race, much to the dismay of some and the joy of others. In the abyss, She was interrupted in Her work by one of Her kind, Nodens. Such light from the younger God in such a dark place was blinding and bothersome to the Goddess.
“What brings you, bright-one?”
“Great Adsagsona,” crooned Nodens, “I wished to see what you had been attending to.” Curious is this one, thought She, as She lifted up a sword. It was beautifully crafted with Her workings etched into the black blade and hilt in the form of words. It vibrated and pulsed, almost alive.
Nodens reached out to touch the breathing sword, but Adsagsona quickly pulled it back towards Her.
“You are young, but you should know better than to touch what is not yours, sir.” Nodens, stunned, smiled and said, “Your blade is as beautiful as it’s maker. I was all too quick to admire them both.”
“Then perhaps you should learn that it is unwise to admire anything so recklessly.” said Adsagsona with cautious eyes, “Now I have work to do. Off with you.” The blinding God left, but He was now all too keen to see Her again. The next day, He came back to the hall of Adsagsona, ready to see Her once more.
“O hallowed Adsagsona! I have come to greet you once again.” Nodens said grandly. But, His grandeur was misplaced, as the Goddess threw Her gaze at Him and then back at Her tasks.
“And you have greeted me. Good day then.” She said callously. She waved Him off coldly and shut the door behind Him. The minor inconvenience to Her solitude had become a reoccurring issue. She had hoped Nodens would see what He was a nuisance to Her and would promptly leave Her be. This was not the case. The next day, as Adsagsona sat down for the day, there came Nodens through Her door, as joyful and shining as ever.
“My great Lady,” He chimed, “I have brought for you a gift of rubies, though their beauty pale compared to your splendor.” He bent down to present it to Her and held in His hand a stunning necklace of lead with a dozen rubies around the band. With disgust, Adsagsona waved them away.
“Your jewels were not spoken for, nor desired. I have all the jewels I need and wish for nothing but silence.”
Disheartened but determined, Nodens left Her halls, ready to begin again. Returning the next day, He came as She wove, Her intricate designs halted by His boisterousness. Behind Him trailed a chest held on either end by two little folk.
“Blessed and unfathomable Adsagsona,” He sang, “I have a most wondrous gift for your honor!” Opening the chest, Nodens revealed a large dark pearl, the size of a fist. It emitted heat and power from its proximity to all who were present.
“It is a black pearl, forged by the finest makers alive. It was embedded with magic unlike any else. May it’s grand nature be a token of your stature.”
Nodens smiled, pleased with His gesture; Adsagsona was not receptive. Without a word, She ushered the little folk to leave the room and turned towards Her admirer.
“How dare you? Do you think this would please me? Do you think this power is ANYTHING compared to my own?”
Her sword in hand, She brought it down on the chest, destroying the pearl into nothingness.
“If this was made by the finest maker, it would have been made by me. You come here, interrupt me in my silence, in my work, and expect gratitude?” She spat the words, running the sword into the ground.
Infuriated by Her words and ungratefulness, Nodens yelled back, “I give you precious beauties unlike anyone has ever seen, and you disregard me! Gratitude would be appropriate!”
“Appropriate? How is it appropriate to come back day after day knowing you are unwanted here?”
“Please,” He reasoned, “your beauty and power are unmatched. To look upon you is what I desire!”
In one solid motion, Adsagsona took Her hand and dug Her nails into the side of Her face, tearing a large chunk of flesh off to reveal tendon and bone all the way to Her jaw.
“Here! Is this not beautiful?” She cried with Her flesh in hand. “Is this not the power you seek?
Am I not beautiful, sir?”
Nodens fled the Halls of Adsagsona, vowing to pursue Her no more. Half Her face forever marred and bare, that was the day Adsagsona also became the Goddess of Justice and revenge.