A major component of Galatîbessus is to live life in accordance with Assus (order, according to ritual, with connotations of sacred or universal law). This means is to live in a beneficial way to the world, our communities, and ourselves. Certain virtues help us to do this, such as:

  • Mêdon (honor)
  • Raton (generosity, though this also means “grace” amongst many other things)
  • Oigetocâriâ (hospitality)
  • Uîron (Truth)
  • Uariâ (Duty)
  • Trougocaradon (compassion, mercy)

There are more. These cover a few important ones. What it does not mean is following along with the “status quo” or being unquestioning. If the “status quo” is oppressive or unjust, it is not in line with Assus. Therefore not in line with the order. It is important to mention this as we often see people and entire systems pervert morals to suit the powerful and not order. There is no order without Uîroioniâ (Justice).

find out more about Gaulish Virtues over at BESSUS NOUIOGALATION

Below are The Gaulish Virtues gave to us by Segomaros Widugeni.

From his book, Ancient Fire pages 31,32

  • Eniequos: Face, Honor
  • Boudi: Victory, prosperity
  • Clutos: Fame, a good reputation
  • Nertos: Strength, vigor, power, spiritual power
  • Uiros: True, Just, Truth
  • Uiroionos: Just, Fair, Equitable, Accurate, Exact, True, Rightful, Appropriate, Due, Sound, Apposite, Straightforward.
  • Uiridos: Virtue
  • Rextus: Law, right
  • Uosedlâ: Firmness, calmness, steadiness
  • Couiriâ: Loyalty, sincerity, good faith
  • Dilestos: Firm loyalty
  • Oigetocariâ: Guest friendliness, hospitality, generosity
  • Inrextus: Integrity, inner rectitude
  • Comsamaliâ: Even-handedness, fairness, impartiality
  • Ueliâ: Modesty, honesty
  • Galâ: Valor, courage, ability
  • Uariâ: Duty
  • Uissus: Knowledge

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