These are The Gaulish Virtues given to us by Segomaros Widugeni.

From his book Ancient Fire pages 31,32

  • Eniequos: Face, Honor
  • Boudi: Victory, prosperity
  • Clutos: Fame, a good reputation
  • Nertos: Strength, vigor,power,spiritual power
  • Uiros: True, Just, Truth
  • Uiroionos: Just, Fair, Equitable, Accurate, Exact, True, Rightful, Appropriate, Due, Sound, Apposite, Straightforward.
  • Uiridos: Virtue
  • Rextus: Law, right
  • Uosedlâ: Firmness, calmness, steadiness
  • Couiriâ: Loyalty, sincerity,good faith
  • Dilestos: Firm loyalty
  • Oigetocariâ: Guest frindliness, hospitality, generosity
  • Inrextus: Integrity, inner rectitude
  • Comsamaliâ: Even-handedness, fairness, impartiality
  • Ueliâ: Modesty,honesty
  • Galâ: Valor, courage, ability
  • Uariâ: Duty
  • Uissus: Knowledge

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