Gaulish Cosmology

These are the very basics of Gaulish Cosmology. The different traditions within the greater community might have varying degrees of differences and expand upon different ideas, but honestly, the foundation of what is below still is very much a part of each tradition.

Cosmic Principles

One can see these cosmic principles in all things, the seasons, day and night, life and death. They very much have symbolic and philosophical ideas behind them.

  • Samos — that is, light, order, celestial, civilized, summer, the tame, and mundane.
  • Giamos — that is, darkness, chaos, chthonic, primal, winter, the wild, and magical.

The Three Realms, Plains, Worlds

  • Dubnos, is our underworld. It is that which is under Bitus, home to Andernadoi (chthonic) beings, including the Dêuoi and some Rogentiâ (Ancestors). This is the womb of Litauiâ (the Earth). As we come from it, our bodies will return to it—The realm of death to life.
  • Bitus, is the world of in-between. This is our world, the land of humans and other beings, and the domain of the Litauiatîs (land spirits). Influences from both Dubnos and Albios happen here, such as Order and Chaos, Death and Life, and the flowing of the seasons—The realm of rebirth.
  • Albios, is our upperworld. Home to Ueranadoi (celestial) beings, including the Dêuoi and Spirits of Nemos (the Sky). Order and protection happen here mostly—the realm of life to death.

Drus (The World Tree)

That which connects these worlds is called Drus. Drus sprouts from within the depths of Dubnos. Bringing rise of the trunk into Bitus. For its canopy to reach for Albios.

Antumnos (The Otherworld)

This is the place where all things meet, the center of all things; all are connected here in Drus, and yet it is in this liminal domain where all are none, and none are all. This is the crossing point between Drus, the three realms, which connect to the Otherworld. Carnonos either allows you access through his domain or does not, as this is his realm. The Otherworld, is an inversion of the three realms of material, which becomes immaterial once you have passed through.