Gaulish Contributors

These folks invest countless hours researching and creating to help breathe life into the Gaulish realm as living modern traditions.

Nemeton Cunobelinus
Cunobelinus Betullicnos is the Uercobretos (Chief Magistrate) of The Touta Galation and the admin of the Discord server Gaulchat. This is his personal site where he shares his knowledge of Belenos and other musings on his site. He works hard for the Gaulish Polytheist community. The Belhound!

Carnutian Nemeton
He is the Uatis (One who Sees) and the Auetos (The Protector) of Toutâ Litauion a Gaulish Organization that promotes the greater community, a founding member of Bessus Nouiogalation. He has a heavy focus on the Druidicos (Of or relating to the druids) teaches about the Carnutes Tribe and several Dêuoi (Gods) and is working on several different kinds of projects. He is a craftsman in the arts of blacksmithing, woodworking, and many other things. You can find all his work at The Carnutian Evocation.

Uepoi Nellî
Nelos is one of the Co-founders of Bessus Nouiogalation. This is their personal site where they talk about Galatîbessus (Gaulish Custom), how it relates to Them. As well as how it relates to the Galatîbessus community and the world around them.

Nemeton Eluetion
Artocathos Taranicnos is one of the Co-founders of Bessus Nouiogalation and also Co-Host of Gaulcast. He is working hard at Reviving and Reconstructing the Culture and Beliefs of the Alpine tribes of Gaul. He carves idols you can find more info out about that at By Helvetian Hands Commissions

Nemeton Segomâros
Gaulish Polytheist
This is the site that spawned many more from those inspired by his works. Segomâros Widugeni, who has given more to Gaulish Polytheism than anyone else I know, shares his knowledge and insights. His site and works are the inspiration for many. Over 30 years of experience and countless presentations. His site offers a slice of his wisdom and is but one of his many contributions. His book Ancient Fire is a must-read. Check it out HERE.

Deo Mercurio
This is a Gallo-Roman site of Deo Mercurio’s full of knowledgeable resources and writings.

Nemeton Tricunos
Gaulish Polytheist
This is the personal blog of a Gaulish Polytheist in Indiana. Everything contained herein is their own personal take on Gaulish Polytheism. It may differ slightly or significantly from other Galatis.

Nemeton Dumnonantu
Gaulish Polytheist
This is the personal website of Trebomâros Auigani, a Gaulish polytheist and a Hearthkeeper affiliated with Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). 

Tegos Couirosapî
Join them as they uncover forgotten Gods and explore Gaulish things. 

Tegos Garanocantlî
This is a Gallo-Brythonic space, You will find opinions, musings, theories, and other such things.

Howls of the Hunter
This is the personal practice of Lucogaros that she calls Mantalon Uiducûnos or “Path of the Wolf”. This practice revolves heavily around Bronze Age to Iron Age war bands, ancient hunter-gatherers, and early agriculture.

Below the Wood
This is the site of Aneuenâ Srourâ; join them as they share inspiring words and beautifully otherworldly artwork. Make sure to tune into their Bardic-inspired mediations, as they can take you to many places.

Barn Cultus
Aquitanian Gaulish/New England folk magic
Join Sai Zuria as they dive into deep research as they form their house custom and explore many things.

House of Secrets
Dedicated to exploring the Well and the World Tree and the Gods and ideas surrounding it.

If you have a site you would like to be housed in this section, send a raven our way.

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