Galatîs Litauiâs Membership

Galatîs Litauiâs Gaulish Polytheism

Two ways to join Galatîs Litauiâs
Our discord server
Or by sending a Raven to gaulishpolytheist@gaulishpolytheism

In Galatîs Litauiâs there are two main roles they are Sepânioi and Toutanos.

  • Sepânioi means follower/student. Sepânioi is someone that wants to join the membership of Galatîs Litauiâs and go much further into Gaulish Customs.
  • Toutanos means a member of a Nation. Toutanos is one who is initiated into Galatîs Litauiâs.
  • All start as a Sepânioi, and after three months, one can ask to be a Toutanos. If one is in good standing, write up a small letter telling us why you would like to be a Toutanos and go further in Gaulish customs. An initiation rite will be led by a Clergy member at your time of choosing. As a Toutanos other roles and channels will open up for you.
  • In our online presence, we have one more role and that is Caranð means friend. Caranð is someone that wants to see what’s going on and not join. They must be respectful and still live up to the virtues in our space.

Membership will be Non-Clergy And Clergy

Non-Clergy will consist of the following

  • Uercobretos – Chief Magistrate
    • They must have been in the Cingetoi/Warrior Guild before becoming a Uercobretos. Have a deep understanding of leadership; read books dealing with leadership. One must be willing to put themselves into uncomfortable situations but still can remain calm. They are in charge of creating and maintaining a safe space for the community that MEANS, not allowing the Uarinâ to become stagnate from the inside and also protecting us from outside forces that would do us or the greater community harm. Remember, the Uercobretos is a warrior at heart. Commitment to the Virtues of Galatîs Litauiâs is taken very seriously for the Uercobretos. If they are seen misrepresenting or miss guiding the Virtues, they shall be taken into the High Council, where a discussion about their removal from the Uarinâ will occur. There shall be no vote on this matter as this is one of the highest levels of disrespect to the Uarinâ. One can take the Role of Uercobretos based on two things. The Druið can declare one an Uercobretos, or a vote can take place to become an Uercobretos as long as they have the proper skills.
  • Uoretos – Helper/Assistant
    • This is the assistant to the Uercobretos.
  • Argantodannos – Magistrate of Money
    • You must come from an accounting background. This person is tasked with the handling of any currency that Galatîs Litauiâs receives and utilizing it in its proper place.
  • Cingetoi – Warrior/Protector
    • Our warriors protect the sovereignty of Galatîs Litauiâs. They should be willing to act as sword and sheild.
  • Cerdû – Artisan
    • Crafters that bring forth the material culture, they should understand the ancient crafts and arts of the senogalatis.
  • Toutanos – Initiated Members of Galatîs Litauiâs
  • Sepânioi – Non-Initiated members/Followers

The clergy will consist of the following

  • Druið – Philosopher, and Arbitrator
    • One must have come from the studies that are from Drunemeton and other Druid organizations. The Druið helps guide the spiritual development of the Uarinâ. They advise the community and the individual to help in their decision-making and acting as a shepherd pastor that tends to the needs of the people. When there are disputes, the Druið will arbitrate them in private. The Druið makes sure all the Rites are done correctly. If The Druið feels that the Rite/Celebration should stop, they can stop it. More can be found at Drunemeton.
  • Uatis – Seer, and Sacrificer
  • Uergutuatis – high priest
  • Uelets – diviner
  • Gutuatis – summons the Deuoi
  • Delgaunos – keeper of the temple
  • Bardos – poet and sacred singer
    • Molatucerdos – praise artist
  • Prennilos – Tree Sprout/Beginner

These roles are to help facilitate needs within the community, they are not meant for some power trips over others. At the moment, most of these will be vacant as we are a new Uarinâ.

The High Council will consist of the

  • Druits
  • Uercobretos
  • Uatis
  • 2 Cingetoi
  • Cerdû
  • 2 Teutanos

Since Galatîs Litauiâs is new the High Council falls to the Auetos (protector) and the Sepânioi.