Condatis (Meeting)

Gaulish Polytheism Cernunnos

We use the Coligny Calendar for all our timekeeping as the Coligny Calendar is a sacred relic to us.
Galatîs Litauiâs is not a tradition itself; Rites are created by the Clery members of Drunemton; these Rites are designed to be universal and not going with a particular narrative or view towards the Deuoi, this is so that we don’t make folks feel uncomfortable because they might have a different view.

  • These monthly rites/meetings are designed not to talk business but to see the place everyone is at in their lives, talk about your troubles and achievements, and bring up concerns one has. The reason for meeting on the Atenolucrâ ” Returning Moon” (Last Quarter Moon) is symbolic for the renewing light to remember there always is a light guiding our way even in our darkest moments. This is to help us with a greater understanding of renewal in our life that there is always renewal happening. So focusing on letting go of what was and transitioning into the next phase of completion. As this is paramount for the approaching birth of the Dubulucrâ (Dark Moon).
  • A small rite will lead by The Druits, Gutuatis, and Uatis. If there is none present, then the closest one in the Clergy present. A Uatis or a Uelets will do Celiâ (divination) (Gaulish Divination/ Gaulish Inspired) for the community and any individual members in private if they wish.
  • Our Condatis (Meeting) has four phases, Adaððus Atenolucriâs -The Rite, Transmutation of Thought, Celiâ (Divination), and Transparency.

Dates for Condatis

  • Cantlos, 15
  • Quimonios, 15
  • Samonios, 15
  • Dumannios, 15
  • Riuros, 16
  • Anagantios, 15
  • Ogronios, 16
  • Cutios, 16
  • Giamonios, 16
  • Simiuisonna, 16
  • Equos, 16
  • Elembiuos, 15
  • Edrinios, 16

Adaððus AtenolucriâsThe Rite

Purification before the start.
Wash before rites always. This can be simply your hands and face.

Ring your bell 3 times
Saying, “a great rite is about to take place on this Atenolucrâ”

Light your sacred fire
Aidonâ may you brighten and provide like you have since the beginning of time.
I take part of your flame and your illumination with me.

  • Now walk to the Are (East). “May I see your path.”
  • Now walk to the Dexsiuos (South). “May I see your path.”
  • Now walk to the Eri (West). “May I see your path.”
  • Now walk to the Tutos (North). “May I see your path.”
  • Now walk to Medios ( the middle). “May this path always be illuminated, for this is the place all lay.”

We stand here before you Lugrâ (Moon) as your light fades away and you become new again to bring us new light for the new path. May we remember that just as you go in and out of the darkness, so do we, and as you return from the dark, you bring with you new illumination. So may we take this time to understand that everything ends and begins again. So may we put our worries and troubles into your fading light to be transmuted with your coming light. 

“We invoke you Carnonos 
At the border, you sit, watching and waiting
You, the mediator between the realms unseen
You, the great warden of the ways of the in-between
Great guide in the threshold
Mighty guide of the herd
We call unto you, oh great Deuos
As you are always providing and showing
Your guidance is needed this day
Give offering
We give offering and thanks to you
We ask of you, great Carnonos
To help us see through the mist
and to reassure our minds on our paths that all things come
and all things go it is the flow of life.
Thank you
Cheers to you 
We praise you 
We go in peace.

  • Now walk to the Are (East). “I see the path.”
  • Now walk to the Dexsiuos (South). “I see the path.”
  • Now walk to the Eri (West). “I see the path.”
  • Now walk to the Tutos (North). “I see the path”
  • Now walk to Medios ( the middle). “May this path always be illuminated, for this is the place all lay.”

As you walk in each direction put out the flames.
Ring your bell 3 times

*Note – Have a candle, if you want to give an offering you can if you would like but the offerings are provided by the Clery member doing the Rite.

Transmutation of Thought

After the Rite, we will go around in alphabetical order discussing the things troubling you. This is to help get things off of your chest and aims at others to understand you on a deeper level. As you talk about these troubles, imagine that Lucgra is taking them away with her light transmuting them. Once you are done with your troubles, discuss your achievements and what you have that makes you feel good. Rember these rites also coincide with our Four Transition points.


We will then go into Celiâ. One of our Uatiâ Guild members will do Celiâ for the group, and anyone who wishes for personal reading in private DM one of the Uatiâ members.


The last part of our meetings will discuss what ideas in GL are in development, what we have accomplished, and new ideas to come.

Galatîs Litauiâs Gaulish Polytheism