Cantos Râti

Audio version of this page read by Caromâros Caitogabros, Ambactos of Galatîs Litauiâs

One of the most important fundamentals related to interactions with Dêuoi (Gods and Spirits), or Senoatîs (Ancestors) is the Gifting Circle or Cantos Râti. In popular discourse, the “gifting cycle.” This means giving offerings in ritual to a recipient that they may also give. However, this is not merely transactional. This is done in a way that is meant to bring the one who offers and the one who receives closer together.

We see it in our everyday lives as well. Be it tangible (literal gifts) or intangible (acts), doing these things properly can bring about strong bonds. Of course, it must be done judiciously, as over-gifting can create an unwanted burden on the recipient. As can gifting less than what one reasonably can, which also can have negative consequences with one party feeling “cheated.” Again, it is not merely transactional, as, in our own lives, we do not expect a measured return for literally everything we do.

Giving is an expression of our thankfulness and praise to the Deuoi. It comes from a place of acknowledgment that everything is sacred and must be honored. They give us so much.

Datiesti uta dassân, datiûmî uta dassais
“You give that I may give. I give that you may give.”