Adaððus Dubulucriâs

Galatîs Litauiâs Gaulish Polytheism
  • We will hold Îuoi (Holidays) four times a year.
  • The Rites that will take place will be called Adaððus Dubulucriâs meaning Rite of the Darkmoon.
  • These will take place on the Dubulucrâ (Dark Moon) closest to the Solstices and Equinox “These days are not historically Gaulish, but Soltice and Equinox days were part of the farming calendar, so it would not be a surprise if they did look to them.”
  • Why the Dubulucrâ (Dark Moon), Solstices, and, Equinox?
  • The dark moon will symbolize new beginnings. As we move forward, the Dubulucrâ (Dark Moon) brings us into illumination. And it is symbolically connected to the solstice and equinox that brings us to change. These are meant for us to be intuned with the earth around us, letting her guide us and letting ourselves embrace the movements that flow around us. These Îuoi are for us to celebrate the changing and our connection to those changes.

Dates four the next Adaððus Dubulucriâs for this Coligny Calendar cycle.
Aedrinni 23
(April 1st)
Dumanios 23 (June 28th)
Anagantios 23 (September 25th)
Giamonios 23 (December 21st)

The changing of the seasons affects our lives more than we know. It is not just the land around us that is going into a transition of changes from one state to another but ourselves. Since we are reflections of the cosmos, becoming more aware of this helps illuminate us in our state of being. It allows us to align our being to that which is more significant than us.

For Galatîs Litauiâs, we use the Dubulucrâ (Dark Moon) to help ground our energies into these transition phases (Solstice and Equinox). This is excellent Soito (Magic) that we are doing. Dubulucrâ is about the new and leaving behind the old to be renewed for the coming illumination upon us. It is symbolic of the cosmic cycles of death and rebirth, decay and growth, which are always happening even within ourselves. This is the place the womb and the grave become the same. For us to experience that which we do not know will lead us to the greater wisdom of what is around us. The Dubulucrâ, combined with the transition points of the land, opens doors for us. These are sacred times for the greater mysteries of life itself for us to journey on the same path of the cosmos around us. In these transitions, we are not alone, as Carnonos is there to help guide us over the threshold and Sucellos will be your protector on the threshold.

These transition points are below.

Gaulish Polytheism
Gaulish Polytheism
  • Uasantosonnos – Spring Sun – Vernal Equinox

The Uasantosonnos is a time of birth and returning energies to yourself and the lands around you. Leave the past troubles in the melting of the winter ice and let them flow off, never to return as the same. Use the Dubulucrâ of this time to help you focus on the planting of your seeds so that they can manifest and blossom into greatness. Giamos and Samos are equal, and the more Samos starts to show itself, the more it is to be used for great Soito. Focus on that which you manifest within the self as they will come to be and hatch forth from the egg of mysteries. Leave behind the darkness and embrace the light that has come.  Focused on Sowing.
Read this rite here Adaððus Dubulucriâs Uasantosonnos

  • Lanosonnos – Full Sun – Summer Solstice

This Lanosonnos time is a transition point from the actions from the work we did while planting, and now we turn to tend to our thoughts and what things we want to accomplish. Now is a time of nourishment; use the Dubulucrâ of this time to rest from the doing part and begin to celebrate the self by bathing in the warm waters of Samos. Heal in its light, knowing hope is here and can resonate with others and spread like wildfire. 

But remember the long days of summer are here and that you need to have faith. Significant shifts in ourselves can lead us to uncertainty which can create anxiety. To do so leads us to move backward and swim into the past cold waters of winter that will lead us to get close to our old troubles because, at times, we let those things trick us into comfort. After all, we know them better. But remember, this is a time of nourishment, and that’s not always easy. Still, we must maintain for our first harvest to provide us with what we want since this first harvest will show us what will be. Bathe in the light here and wash in its warm water. I will be open to nourishment and growth, just like the land around me. Focused on Nourishment.
Read this rite here Adaððus Dubulucriâs Lanosonnos

  • Metasonnos – Harvest Sun – Autumnal Equinox

Mertasonnos means that now it is time to reap our harvest. Remember your goals and intentions moving forward. Use the Dubulucrâ of this time to focus on the same purposes you had when you planted the seeds as you harvest. Make sure that you are cautious of what you are reaping and bringing into your life. What you gather now will sit with you during Giamos. When Samos and Giamos are equals with one another, we start to move into Giamos. Honor that which you have cultivated to understand it better. Store the harvest well, and begin to make room for these new things that will be with you as we head into the hibernation of the self. Clear your grounds, so nothing gets lost moving forward. Focused on Reaping
Read this rite here Adaððus Dubulucriâs Metasonnos

  • Letosonnos – Half Sun – Winter Solstice

Now that we have harvested the season before now, at Letosonnos, we sit with the stillness of the land. This stillness can become scary and challenging, but Giamos is here, and the coolness forces us deeper into the self. Use the Dubulucrâ of this time to understand your hibernation and learn to focus on the self. Use the warmth of the fire to listen to what you want to plant in the coming time. Become quiet and rest from your work while the previous harvest nourishes you. The cold winds of winter are helpful to settle the land into rebirth. This is the sacred time of reflection and, rest is needed but, don’t rest too long as you might not hear what is around you. Do not fear the dark, as it is very much a part of our cycles. If we focus on this fear, we cut ourselves from our power. Don’t let it overwhelm your being. Try not to let the negative emotion take hold, as they may sprout up and inconvenience you and dictate your state of mind. This is one of the most potent transitional points as Giamos can be a driving force for our growth for, transformation, and enlightenment. This is the great stillness before strength can build us up to move into the next. 
Focused on Dormant.
Read this rite here Adaððus Dubulucriâs Letosonnos

Gaulish Polytheism

We are introduced to the four spoked wheel.
This wheel symbolizes the movements of the cosmos and our connection to that movement. To follow this wheel you mimic the motions and it will help align you to the great cycle.

Samos — that is, light, order, celestial, civilized, summer, the tame, and mundane.
Giamos — that is, darkness, chaos, chthonic, primal, winter, the wild, and magical.

One can see these cosmic principles in all things, the seasons, day and night, life and death. They very much have symbolic and philosophical ideas behind them.

Gaulish Polytheism

If one gets lost in one’s ways, Carnonos will show you the ways.


When unwanted forces cross your boundary, Sucellos will be your protective profounder.


These rites can also easily fit into holidays you already have.