Galatîs Litauiâs Patron Deuos

Galatîs Litauiâs Gaulish Polytheism

The Dêuoi help us as individuals and as a Uarinâ. We are not a tradition, but rather we have a very loose tradition within. That being said we all do not share the same thoughts on the Dêuoi, so for us to have a Dêuos that we can all agree on and to help maintain us as a Uarinâ Carnonos (Cernunnos) will be our Patron Deuos.

Carnonos is the cosmic mediator sitting in the in-between, helping to guide us when we are lost and show us the ways. That is key to the philosophical ideas behind Galatîs Litauiâs, which is liminality. We must remain in a state of liminality to understand the things around us to make better judgments when needed so our emotions do not dictate our actions.

Uediâ Carnonû (Invocation for Carnonos)

Gaulish Polytheism Cernunnos
  • Uediomos/Uediumî Carnonon
    (We/I invoke Carnonos)
  • Uernos mantali
    (Warden of the roads)
  • Entar bitoues
    (Between worlds)
  • Anextlios Ecuon
    (He Who Protects the Herds)
  • Antû Dubni sistâi, anegestû uritto namantobi etic uedes anatin
    (At the border of Dubnos you stand, you protect against enemies and guide souls)
  • Rodâmos/Rodâmî addatus etic bratûn te
    (We/I give offering and thanks to you)
  • [Addatus] [Offering]
  • Arcîumî ratobo Galatîs
    (I ask for blessings to the Galatîs)
  • Slanon te
    (Cheer to you)
  • Bratûn te
    (Thanks to you)
  • Molâmî Carnonû
    (I praise you Carnonos)
  • Iâiumî in tancê
    (I go in peace)