Article and artwork by – Carnonoseluiâs Abonowracî

adsagsonâ: attainder, attainment, intercesion [Gaul. Adsagsona]


Larzac, France (100 AD)

Just as they shall be for it, this of the women,
O Adsagsona,
so too consequently will they suffer!
Cause them to suffer the ones who are persecuting
Severa Tertionicna,
the diviner of it,
the foreigner of the enchanting

“Send this women’s charm against the names here below; this a witch charm bewitching witches. O Adsagsona, look twice Severa Tertionicna, their thread that which ties witch and their writing that which writes witch, let it release the one whom they will have struck with a curse; with a bad spell against their names, make the bewitchment against this group.”

The larzac tablet, the only known source of the name Adsagsona, was found with the graves of five priestesses of Adsagsona, hoping the Graves would further the inscription to the Underworld in passing. Both articles of the cursed tablet mentioned the Goddess as a deity of revenge and justice, as well as the Underworld and magic, from which the priestesses were said to get their powers from. While we must look at the historical input of this Dêwoi, I will keep this about Her and come back to the tablet later. Adsagsona can be compared to deities such as Hecate, Nemesis, and even Hel by their associations of such matters. One could associate Her with battle from Her justice and revenge aspects, thought they would also be less war-like in function all the same.

Personal Gnosis

While there is little for us to go on, Adsagsona has been a great intrest of mine. She is one of few deities I actively connect to and has proven that such aspects can be seen on a day to day level, such as feeling the connection from one’s self to the Underworld, the connection to what we refer to as magic, as well as understanding definitions of justice and revenge are more the same than one would admit.
I do not believe that Adsagsona’s need or worship is exclusive towards the passing cursed tablet or a prayer against an unsavory person, more so as a mentor. I have learned much from Her worship and have truthfully understood that such matters She abides over take patience and restraint, as well as fluid and precise motion.

Adsagsona is the Dêwoi of enchantments, Goddess of the rebirth of the self after the scales of justice has been balances and our connection to the sacred nature of the Underworld. She has no home but within our grasp to learn in solitude, both a deity of a strong arm as well as a sharpened mind. Adsagsona is a Dêwoi of the depths of the world and its connections.
I connect to Adsagsona in a state of silence and focus. Unlike most where I would be in a trance, She is more receptive when the mind is unclouded and at its sharpest. A Goddess of Dubnos, She is the feeling of the calm before the storm: pensive and patiently willing.

Symbolism of Adsagsona
A sword, a scale and a cauldron.

I do not invoke Her in my work often as She is not a deity of small issues, but if I do, it is normally in most meditations tethering me to the Underworld or in premeditated acts of decisiveness and in some enchantments. Normal offerings can include incense, blood, and red wine.


I invoke Adsagsona

Mistress of the scales of nature

Weaver of magic

Judge of the guilty

Teacher of Dubnos

You who illuminates the path of the steadfast


I ask that you help show the way to the Underworld
I ask that you guide me
I petition your will for this enchantment

Cheers to you

I praise you, Adsagsona

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  1. woodenbreath says:

    This side, that is often perceived as the dark part of the world and the soul, is oftentimes forgotten or locked up. That’s why these godheads are important. Thanks for the insight.

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